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100WC - The Defier Part One

I saw unusual things at a young age.

Today was my first day in 4th grade. When it was recess, I went with my only friend outside to the
playground. He was my only friend as we both had the same rarity. I and my friend saw something.
As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. Death bells rang in my ear as it came closer.
Doom resided in my eyes and ears as he quickly killed my friend, leaving no trace behind.
Then, a magic-user came towards me and whispered to me, “You are the defier.”


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100WC: 'A poem'

A furry, fuzzy, cutie What is he doing here? He should be outside, being free Yet he is here scared.

A cruel owner rests now The animal tiptoes pretty slow So that he gets out Not beaten with a row

Yet he can not retreat Even with a vehicle in hand His hopes get buried A needle in the sand

So he just cries now The music of tears plays Climbing won’t help him now In this huge, sorrowful maze

The animal stands in sadness His mouth shut by tape Hope you aren’t the cutie As the cutie doesn’t escape

Presentation reflection

Our presentation was good overall. We had lots of facts & connections to culture and we stuck with our thesis for the whole presentation. However, some of our evidence was made up (Just twin towers), and the distribution of lines could've been a lot fairer than it was, with me saying most of the lines. Even though we gave some false information, we did do an overall good job. WARNING: This presentation has slides converted into a short movie without the actual live thing.